Handwriting Academy

From handwriting tutoring and consultation services for parents and students. To workshops for teachers and staff. In MLH we aim to provide the best services to support you and your handwriting goals.

Step-by-Step Foundations

Pre-writing, gross motor, and fine motor skills are part of the precursors to proper handwriting skill development. With the opportunity for appropriate experiences, you can provide your child or students everything they need to get off to a good start. Contact us for more information about our workshops and consultation services for parents and teachers.

ABC’s Building Blocks

Consistency is the key. When the rules of the game are clear and simple, chances for success are better. Provide your child the opportunity to build a strong base for his handwriting skills. This will have a positive impact on his school life. Learning the proper rules for every letter combine with the right amount of practice in our “3 steps” program will build the first steps for success.

Handwriting Boost


Give your child’s confidence a boost. Reinforce his handwriting skills with simple yet effective rules and strategies that will make an impact in the years to come. Handwriting training can improve automaticity, speed, and output. Providing the opportunity to focus on critical thinking and thought organization rather than in the handwriting process itself. Gear for children who completed the ABC’s Building Blocks or students from 2 grade and up.

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